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Born and Available

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Moka and Mickey


Freya- Tuxedo Hidden Merle


Odin- Phantom Merle

Multi-Gen Miniature English Goldendoodles
Born: July 29th, 2023


Moka and Mickey were paired for a unique litter of multigenerational English Goldendoodles. The puppies will be 17-25 pounds. These will be gorgeous babies. If you want a Goldendoodle that won't match your neighbor- these would be your best choice!

Charli and Mickey


Multi-Gen Miniature English Goldendoodles
Go Home: October 7th.

Charli and Mickey were paired for a gorgeous litter of multigenerational English Goldendoodles. They are red and apricot colors in gorgeous wavy coats! These will be perfect little babies with awesome temperaments just like their parents! 

Charlie and Sampson


English Cream Golden Retrievers
Go home: October 7th.

Charlie and Sammy's will have classic blocky, big boned, English Cream Golden Retriever puppies! These puppies will be 50-65 pounds as Charlie is a short, petite female. They will have nice cream coats. These two have fantastic pedigrees and healthy lineage filled with high longevity, low cancer rates, and great hip scores!

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