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Rip and Bear

English Cream Golden Retrievers
Ready August 15th, 2023
Puppy Price: $3500 ($2000 for puppy, $1500 for puppy training).

Rip and Bear will be classic blocky, big boned, English Cream Golden Retriever puppies! Their pedigrees are packed full of champions from well known kennels across Europe. These puppies will be a bit taller and around 60-80 pounds as Lemon is a large, tall female. They will have nice cream coats. These two have fantastic pedigrees and healthy lineage filled with high longevity, low cancer rates, and great hip scores! They have excellent personalities, exhibiting loyalty, intelligence, and kind hearts!

In puppy boot camp, Rip and Bear will be potty trained, crate trained, and basic manners trained. Basic manners includes leash training and command training- sit, down, kennel, place, come, stay, and more! This training also comes with lifetime support from Miranda (trainer) and options for tune ups if needed!

Bear (Left) and Rip (Right).

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