Baylee's Family

Everyone meet Baylee's family- the Quandahls! They live right here in Decorah, and we are so lucky to have them as a part of our guardian home program. 


They enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching sports, playing with their girl Baylee, and spending time outside! 

Mayzie's Family

Troy just happens to be brothers with Travis-Lola’s guardian dad! Troy heard about Mayzie and couldn’t resist her sweet face. She is going to be a little guard dog on his farm out in Bur Oak. We are so blessed here at Infinity Goldens with amazing guardian families!

Ava's Family

Ava lives with our family members just outside of Waukon, Iowa. The Kurths have had poodles for many years, and they were ecstatic to have the opportunity to bring another one into their family. Ava shares her new home with her mom, dad, and two fur sisters Memphis and Stella. Ava also gets to visit Lincoln often since he lives with the Kurth's daughter Brooke. Ava is going to have a great life roaming the farm and spending lots of time with her fur sisters! 

KoKo's Family

KoKo's family just moved back to the midwest after living in Texas for a very long time. KoKo is serving as her new big brother's therapy dog. He endured a school shooting down in Texas, and a new puppy to love on was just what they all needed. She is so spoiled and SO smart. They teach her so many cool tricks, and her favorite treat is ice cubes. They are excited to take KoKo on the river this summer! 

Molly's Family

We are a family of 6 my mother makes 7 and we already had a labradoodle but he seemed lonely. We wanted to find him a friend, I wanted another little girl since I have three sons, one daughter, and Kevin is a male dog! So when I saw the opportunity to be a guardian I thought, why not? Since we have had her she has been amazingly loving- she gives lots of kisses and cuddles right up to all of us! She listens so well, I think she talks to Kevin because he hasn’t eaten any toys in a while.  Kevin loves her and she loves him, they love playing outside in the yard. She also loves walks. I am grateful that we took the chance to get Molly because I really can’t see our family without her! We are really going to miss her when she’s not with us, but I know she will be well taken care of when she’s having her puppies! We know we will be able to visit too. I really feel she’ll be an awesome mom to her future pups.

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